Avroto motor 6 Pack - Save 5%

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Avroto motor 6 Pack - Save 5%

Avroto M2814-11S Short Shaft 770KV Brushless Motor 6 Pack Special
Avroto is a high quality, smooth running, durable brushless motor built for multirotor UAV applications.
The custom assembly methods, reinforcements, and components unique to Avroto motors help to provide
the reliability required for a dependable aerial platform. 

Manufacturer Data:
Model number M2814-11S
  • Weight approximately 100 grams not including wires.
  • External Dimensions 35mm D x 36mm L
  • Stator Dimensions 28mm D x 14mm L 
  • Internal Shaft diameter 4mm.
  • Prop Adapter diameter 6mm. 
  • No-load speed: 770 rpm / V
  • Ri (Internal Resistance) 100mΩ
  •  Io (no load current)  0.5A
  •  Voltage for Io measurement  10V
  •  Current capacity 25A/180s
  •  Watts: 350
  •  Lipo cell 3-4
  •  Wire length 600mm 
  • 14magnets 12 stator arms 12N 14P
Shaft secured by snap ring
.2mm NdFeB sheet
Hardened shaft from Japan
Quality EZO brand bearings from Japan.
High quality accessories included:
Includes radial mount set with prop adapter.
Wire color may vary
Avroto Dimensions
Test results from sample M2814-11 motors courtesy of  RCG member 13brv3
Avroto M2814-11         
Prop   APC 10x4.7 SF APC 11x4.7 SF APC 12x3.8 SF
Max Watts @ 11.1V   122 163 201
Max Thrust Oz   30.4 39.3 46.3
Prop   APC 10x4.7 SF APC 11x4.7 SF APC 12x3.8 SF
Max Watts @ 14.8V   266 346 423
Max Thrust Oz   50.9 60 60.3
Avroto (TM) is designed by, and manufactured for Monto RC Hobby.   

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