Captron BavarianDEMON Flybarless System 3SX

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Captron BavarianDEMON Flybarless System 3SX

Captron BavarianDEMON Flybarless System 3SX
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The 3SX is a high-quality, compact designed Flybarless system (Rigid) and replaces the mechanical flybar on the rotor heads of all current RC helicopters. Additionally this unit features the well-known and patented Horizontal mode (self-leveling), which brings the heli back to horizontal attitude anytime you let go off the sticks. Moreover, the system is equipped with several safety features, leveling the heli back even while in hard 3D-maneuvers like Tic-Toc or PiroFlip with a speed never seen before. These brand new features enable a pilot to learn 3D flying in the most safe way ever, speaking of a kind of "real-flight simulator" on highest level. The stabilization sensitivity (gain) as well as engaging or disengaging this function can be controlled via an auxiliary channel from the transmitter while in flight.

Because they are lighter, helicopters without auxiliary paddles are much more agile and maneuverable, and are approx. 15% more powerful. In combination with the 3SX, huge performance is delivered, without the need to adjust the fragile paddle mechanism.

The all-round precision is outstanding, whether it is the extremely dynamic maneuvers (F3N flying style), aerobatics (F3C), or hovering stability. All maneuvers are performed with directional stability, i.e. with no disruptive influences at all, and with maximum stopping performance. This is achieved with minimum need for adjustment thanks to the intelligent and optimized control algorithms.

By means of the latest-generation high-quality silicon MEMS gyros, the 3SX has full 3D capability, whilst boasting a top-quality, ultra-fast tail gyro. No external gyro is required. In addition, a symmetrical torque control unit is in place there. The resultant further increase in retention force in the tail was possible because the tail gyro is internally coupled with the pitch data of the rotor head control unit.

Of course, the system is also suitable for flybarless scale helicopters (twin- and multi-blade) as well as all other flybarless helicopters such as trainers, etc., and, due to the possibility of engaging the Horizontal mode at any time, perfectly suitable for beginners.

The 3SX can be used for helicopters with electric motors or nitro/combustion engines as well as turbine models (in case of a turbine inside a scale canopy, please see the safety instructions in the manual on p.10!).

All current analogue, digital and brushless tail servos are supported, including narrow-pulse servos (760 Robbe-Futaba S9251 and BLS251). All current swashplate variants are also supported, including four swash servos and virtual swashplate rotation (H1, H3-90°, H3-120°, H3-140°, H4-90°, H4-90°+45°).

The system can also be used as a pure tail gyro, without the need of any additional accessories. Especially if a new heli project is planned, first using a flybar, later on switching to a flybarless head, the purchase of an external tail gyro is not necessary. Simply set the Rigid gains in the PC software to "0", so the Rigid mode is disabled. The swash mixing is done by the 3SX, so even a simple transmitter can be used.

The CNC-milled aluminum casing and the high-quality design comfortably meet the current quality standards of major helicopter manufacturers. The highly compact construction

- Set-up work is reduced to a minimum
- Clear separation of the sensitivity settings for the head and tail gyros via independent auxiliary channels
- Can be used as pure tail gyro without the need of additional accessories
- Direct USB connection for fast programming; the easy-to-use set-up software comes as standard
- The connecting cables between the receiver and 3X are plugged in on both sides
- Gold-plated circuit-board and the latest-generation MEMS gyros for all 3 axis
- The 3SX features direct connection to new single-cabled receiver systems
- SP serial pulse/PWM output, Futaba FASST R6007SP, Futaba S-BUS and Spektrum/JR-Satellite receivers
- Motor/Throttle as well as a second channel for governor (lighting, landing gear) are available directly on the 3SX
- Made in Germany !

The 3SX is equipped with a flash memory and can be updated to the latest software. System is open and can be software enhanced on helicopter at flying field at any time.

Technical specifications:
- Dimensions: 36mm x 34mm x 14mm
- Supply Voltage: 4 - 10V (2S-LiPo-compatible, min. 5.5V using Spektrum/JR satellites)
- Maximum Roll & Pitch Speed: 500°/s
- Maximum Tail Speed: 650°/s (typical)
- Servo Frame Rate: 55Hz (analogue)/220Hz (digital) selectable
- Tail Servo Output: 1,52ms/0,76ms (narrow pulse) selectable
- Maximum Servo Currents: 10A (continuous load)
- Weight: 18g (without cable loom)

- 3SX including mounting pads
- Cable loom for receiver connection (90mm)
- USB-Stick including PC-Software (Win98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, 7) and comprehensive manual
- USB lead for direct connection to PC/Notebook

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