TSA Infusion 600N Platinum

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TSA Infusion 600N Platinum

TSA Infusion 600N Platinum TKI600NAOO

Designed by Nigel Brown, this new 50/600 class model is dressed to impress with a gorgeous fiberglass painted canopy, beautiful carbon, and high Quality CNC machining throughout the model. Designed for Performance, this model sets the new standard in the 50/600 class market.

Infusion 600N Platinum Manual





Full length of fuselage 1230mm Fullweight( approx) 3540g
Full width of fuselage 215mm Engine class 50 ~ 55 Nitro
Height 390mm Full tank capacity 650cc
Main blade 600 ~ 620mm Material specification Carbon fiber
Main rotor diameter 1345mm Tail rotor drive shaft drive
Tail blade 90mm Swashplate angle 120°
Tail rotor diameter 252mm    
Main gear ratio 14T : 122T    
Tail gear ratio 113T : 25T    
Gear ratio 8.7 : 1 ¡G 4.52    


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