TSA Infusion 600E PRO

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TSA Infusion 600E PRO

TSA Infusion 600E PRO TKI600EPOO

TSA's Newest Edition to the Electric Infusion range, the 600E PRO. This kit has all the right features to provide it's pilot with crisp 3D performance and easy maintenance all with an incredible price.


Full length of fuselage 1235mm Fullweight(12s
500mAh approx)
Full width of fuselage 215mm Engine class(12s KV) 3,000 ~ 5000 W / 500 ~ 550KV
Height 390mm Power battery 6 ~ 12S Li-Po 3800 ~ 5000mAh
Main blade 600 ~ 620mm Material specification Carbon fiber, FRP
Main rotor diameter 1345mm Tail rotor drive shaft drive
Tail blade 90mm Swashplate angle 120°
Tail rotor diameter 252mm    
Main gear ratio 11T / 12T / 13T / 14T: 122T    
Tail gear ratio 113T : 25T    
Gear ratio 9.0 / 9.69 / 10.5 / 11.45 : 1 : 4.52    


Polymer impregnated metal plastic rotor grips ensures strength, durability while saving weight is obtained. Extra large in design for high head speed aggressive 3D flying style, designed for today with tomorrows capability. Extra large ball links and push rod allowing the rotor head to pivot for a direct and smooth feel at all rotor head speeds.

Front and rear gyro mount standard on all models. Ensuring your gyro or remote gyro sensors is located in an area of low vibration.

Polymer impregnated metal plastics have been used in all key areas. Weight is a key factor in performance and having this hybrid metal plastic used throughout the TSA range provides great strength while saving weight. Dual radial bearings and a single thrust bearing are installed in each rotor grip for maximum precision and performance. A hard anodized aluminium pitch slider with dual bearing is also included for weight reduction and durability.

An extremely rigid wide frame design with integrated X brace frame stiffeners. Polymer impregnated plastics used for increased stiffness while providing a crumple zone area at the front of the model to reduce frame damage during hard impacts.

Large diameter boom supports with supporting M4 bolts for superior rigidity. Eliminating boom flex providing a direct tail rotor feel with precise start and stop characteristics during rotation. Ball raced tail bell crank along with carbon fibre push rod providing a smooth flex free operation. The tail servo is placed in front of the engine in a position free from nitro oil while optimizing the centre of gravity of the nitro version.

Eliminating servo movement is critical with flybarless models. A key TSA feature is our innovating servo brace which eliminates all servo output shaft bending stress and flex. This ensures your gyro input is going directly to the rotor head and not in unwanted servo movement. Our servo support also ensures the greatest chance your servos are safe in the event of a crash.

Servo performance is key to the performance of your model and TSA has revolutionised servo layout with its Infusion series. All servos are high in the frame ensuring the centre of mass is as close as possible to the rotor head for increased performance. Direct push pull elevator servo layout provides a high tolerance system eliminating unwanted free play.

Included in all kits is our fully adjustable boom support brace. High lateral loads are transmitted from the tail rotor to the boom supports. This load then results in bending force on the boom and mainly the boom supports. Our brace ensures the bending stress is minimized by locking the 2 supports together forming a truss style arrangement. Tail stiffness is critical to the performance of your tail gyro and this is one key area many overlook.

TSA has taken the thinking out of wiring. This area is normally over looked by all and dreaded by most builders. This thankfully is a thing of the past for all you TSA flyers. Included in all kits are rubber moulded grommets protecting your servo wires from rubbing on carbon fibre. This rubbing effect and flapping wires is then eliminated by a multiple selection of wire clamps. Included are single and double servo wire and single servo wire with circular remote gyro wire clamps. We have covered all possible installations, just clip in and enjoy.

Sick of your speed controller double sided tape coming off or unwanted cable ties. TSA helicopters has a place for all your speed controllers and dedicated mounting wholes for the Castle 120Amp HV controllers. We also offer an optional carbon plate for the Castle 160Amp HV series. Just screw it down with the already inserted nut inserts. We have also allowed for airflow over the speed controller through a canopy duct on the lower side.

TSA¡¦s innovative one piece dual support motor mount. At the point where all the power is transmitted motor shaft flex elimination is critical. As gear mesh disruption can result in stripped gears. The one piece design ensures the chance of movement is eliminated. Gear ratio changes and gear mesh adjustments are also quick and easy. Metal and Polymer impregnated metal version we have them ready for your needs.

Our new extra wide anti rotation elevator assembly ensures fitting your larger diameter motors like the scorpion 4525 are done with ease. All metal construction and 8 ball raced design provides the most direct elevator assembly with silk smooth operation.

For 600/700N models Class leaders by design TSA has innovated the anti rotation swashplate feature into our direct 8 bearing elevator assembly. Keeping your swashplate rigid ensure the phasing is maintained at 120 degree. This ensures the pilot input is sent directly to the rotor head.

Frame stiffness is critical to a helicopter as unwanted movement can be transmitted to the gyro system controlling both the tail rotor and rotor head. TSA has integrated X braces with centralised location points providing a 6 point location on each brace. Our wide frame design along with X brace technology provides and extremely rigid helicopter which is fast to build and very resistant to high impact crash damage normally seen by most other models.

TSA have been class leaders in the quick removal of your battery packs, not only this but we have gone further. Eliminating the painful task of removing your canopy just to change your batteries, you will all be happy to know this is a thing of the past with the Infusion. Have your packs on multiple battery trays. Simply slide up and lock down and your ready to go, from one pack to 10 it¡¦s that easy

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