TSA Infusion 700E PRO

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TSA Infusion 700E PRO

TSA Infusion 700E PRO TKI700ESOO

Infusion 700E Pro Manual

The TSA Infusion 700E Pro is the best performing 700E model on the market Dollar for Dollar! With an outstanding low price, this model has the quality and performance needed to make you fly it like you stole it! High quality polymer parts and a precise cnc machined parts will reward the builder and pilot with a model they will enjoy. With an open layout for easy electronic installation, this model can accommodate all the most popular brands of esc's, servo's, and batteries.


Full length of fuselage 1373mm Fullweight(12s
500mAh approx)
Full width of fuselage 215mm Engine class(12s KV) 4500 ~ 11,000W / 500 ~ 550KV
Height 410mm Power battery 6S Li-Po 4000 ~ 5000mAh 2pcs
Main blade 680 ~ 710mm Material specification Carbon fiber, FRP
Main rotor diameter 1580mm Tail rotor drive shaft drive
Tail blade 90~110mm Swashplate angle 120°
Tail rotor diameter 262mm    
Main gear ratio 11T / 12T / 13T / 14T: 126T    
Tail gear ratio 113T : 25T    
Gear ratio 9.0 / 9.69 / 10.5 / 11.45 : 1 : 4.52    



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