TSA Infusion 700N PRO

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TSA Infusion 700N PRO

TSA Infusion 700N PRO TKI700NSOO

Infusion 700N Pro Manual

Designed by Nigel Brown, The TSA Infusion 700N has been seen in competitions world wide with good success. This 3D machine is capable of everything you can throw at it, and is the choice of many of today's top pilots such as Dunkan Bossion, and Timo Curliss

Full length of fuselage 1373mm Fullweight(approx) 4280g
Full width of fuselage 215mm Engine class) 90 ~ 120 Nitro
Height 419mm Full tank capacity 650cc
Main blade 680 ~ 710mm Material specification Carbon fiber, FRP
Main rotor diameter 1580mm Tail rotor drive shaft drive
Tail blade 90~110mm Swashplate angle 120°
Tail rotor diameter 262mm    
Main gear ratio 15T : 120T / 126T    
Tail gear ratio 113T : 25T    
Gear ratio 8.0 ~ 8.4 ¡G 1¡G 4.52    



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